Horseback Riding

    • CAMP - 7-21-15 035Horseback riding is an optional program for campers who have completed 1st grade or beyond. It is a great way to learn the basics of riding and horse care. All lessons provided are western style with the possibility of trail rides. [link to video] The goal of our program is to introduce campers to the pleasures of working with horses. Please keep in mind that a brief portion of some lessons may be unmounted in order to teach essential riding skills. Campers will not canter or gallop and trotting will be at the discretion of the instructor based on the current evaluation of the rider. Over seventy-five campers enroll in the program each year. The program is under the direction of Karen Jacobs. [link to bio] Aunt Karen has been the Riding Director since Tall Pines opened in 1996. Aunt Karen and her staff are capable of teaching campers that range from those who have never seen a horse before to those that have been riding for years. There is a $38.00 fee per lesson. Lessons are limited to one time per week.

      tallpineslogobackgroundmap  Campers will not be scheduled during instructional swim and lunch.

      tallpineslogobackgroundmap  Lessons may be scheduled for any other period or activity during the day.

      tallpineslogobackgroundmap  Each lesson will be scheduled for the same time each week for consistency.

      tallpineslogobackgroundmap  Every effort will be made to make up lessons that were missed due to rain.

      tallpineslogobackgroundmap  Refunds for lessons will only be given if a lesson is missed because of rain and cannot be rescheduled.

      tallpineslogobackgroundmap  Refunds or makeups are not provided if a camper is unprepared or decides to skip a lesson.

      tallpineslogobackgroundmap  Campers receive their riding schedule before camp begins via e-mail.

      Tall Pines will provide riding helmets. Should you wish to purchase a helmet, please contact the office for a list of sources. The mandatory equipment listed below is for the safety of the rider and must be worn:

      tallpineslogobackgroundmap  Long pants (leggings work great!)

      tallpineslogobackgroundmap  Boots with a heel (minimum 1 inch heel)

      Warning: Under New Jersey Law, an equestrian area operator is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine animal activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine animal activities, pursuant to P.L. 1977, c. 287, C:5:15-1 Et Seq. A participant shall submit a written report to the operator setting forth the details of any accident or incident as soon as possible, but in no event longer than 180 days from the time of the accident or incident.

       ***  Payment Is Due At Time Of Enrollment
      $37.00 per lesson