Description Of Divisions

  • Tall Pines Day Camp Overview

    tallpineslogobackgroundmap  Tall Pines Day Camp brings you the best in private day camping for children ages three to fourteen.

    tallpineslogobackgroundmap  Tall Pines is both State Certified and is accredited by the American Camp Association.

    tallpineslogobackgroundmap  Our 66 acre facility has over 40,000 square feet of indoor, air-conditioned facilities.

    tallpineslogobackgroundmap  New programs and facilities added each year to keep the campers coming back year after year.

    tallpineslogobackgroundmap  Campers arrive comfortably in air-conditioned transportation.

    tallpineslogobackgroundmap  Tall Pines is an industry leader in food allergy awareness.

    tallpineslogobackgroundmap  Tall Pines has a history of filling early every year.

    tallpineslogobackgroundmap  We urge you to register early and get in on great summer fun! 

    Our Divisions

  • juniorcamp

    Junior Camp

    Ages 3, 4, 5, & 6 (For campers
    finished grades PS, PK, & K)

  • middlecamp

    Middle Camp

    Ages 7, 8, & 9 (For campers
    finished 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade.)

  • seniorcamp

    Senior Camp

    Ages 10, 11, & 12 (For campers
    finished 4th, 5th or 6th grade.)

  • CIT

    CIT/LIT Camp

    Ages 13 & 14 (For campers
    finished 7th or 8th grade.)

  • Where Will My Child Be Placed?

    1. Campers age three to six who have finished Nursery, Pre-K and Kindergarten.
    2. Three staff members supervise and remain with a group of twelve campers throughout the day.
    3. Campers participate in 50 fun-filled activities including weekly themed events.
    4. Junior Camp has their own Program Director.

    1. Middle Camp is for children ages seven to nine that have completed 1st through 3rd grades.
    2. Senior Camp is for children ages ten to twelve that have completed 4th through 6th grades.
    3. Middle and Senior Campers are placed in groups of eighteen campers with three staff members.
    4. Campers participate in over 50 activities over the course of two weeks.
    5. The Club Program allows campers to choose their own activities eight times per week.
    6. Horseback Riding lessons are an optional activity once per week.
    7. Campers who love to perform are able to participate in the Theater Club. In 2016, the Tall Pines Theater Club will perform Into the Woods.
    8. Campers who have completed 6th grade have two free swim periods per day and participate in two of campus trips to go bowling and roller skating.

    1. The CIT and LIT Program transitions young teens from camper to staff member. It seamlessly moves a young adult into their first job at a place where they have grown up and come to love.
    2. The Counselor-in-Training (CIT) Program is for teens that have finished 7th grade.
    3. The Leadership-in-Training (LIT) Program is for teens that have finished 8th grade.
    4. The CIT & LIT Programs are under the direction of John Deitelbaum.
    5. The CIT & LIT Program combines the roles of camper and Junior Counselor.
    6. CITs & LITs continue to have fun and participate in all the camp activities as well as take weekly trips to exciting places.
    7. CITs and LITs are still able to participate in optional programs such as the Horseback Riding program and Theater Club.
    8. As part of their training, CITs & LITs assist camp staff in providing a variety of activities and supervising campers as a practical learning experience.
    9. The program places campers in a position of responsibility with various bunks and specialty activities.
    10. Weekly workshops and training are provided to discuss issues and problems that arise.
    11. Each CIT or LIT rotates between assignments every two weeks.
    12. At the end of each two-week period, each supervisor completes an evaluation. Evaluations and observations are used for training and future hiring decisions.
    13. Ninety-five percent of our current Junior Counselors and eighty percent of our Senior Counselors are former CIT & LIT graduates.

    Fast Facts:

    tallpineslogobackgroundmap  Camp begins at 9:25 AM.

    tallpineslogobackgroundmap  Camp ends at 3:40 PM.

    tallpineslogobackgroundmap  The camps day consists of nine, forty minute periods per day.

    tallpineslogobackgroundmap  Each camper has a lunch period and a snack.

    tallpineslogobackgroundmap  Campers have one instructional and one free swim period per day.

    tallpineslogobackgroundmap  Campers are grouped by gender and the grade they completed in the spring.

    tallpineslogobackgroundmap  We have so many activities it takes two weeks to get through them all!

    tallpineslogobackgroundmap  Fully planned rainy day schedule. Although it “never rains at Tall Pines” it never hurts to be prepared! 

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