More Testimonials

    “All three of my kids are still talking about camp. They love coming here. Hopefully other families who come to Tall Pines will have happy kids like mine!”

    “You have no idea what an impact Tall Pines has on my son. He talks about camp all the time and cant wait until summer.”

    “Tall Pines Day Camp is the best in the world!”

    “My daughter loved camp. I have much gratitude to the owners, administrators, and counselors. You are all terrific. I wish I were a kid again!”

    “It is a great credit to Tall Pines since my kids both have issues that I have received positive reports for the first time ever for my children. Thanks Tall Pines.”

    “Thanks for your food allergy updates and continued effort to keep our children safe! Just another reason Tall Pines is so amazing.”

    “It’s great to have these electronic newsletters instead of paper mail. Thanks Tall Pines!”